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LRP UK - UK Live Action Role-playing sites. Any and all systems and LRP related suppliers included!

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UK Live Action Role-playing sites. Any and all systems and LRP related suppliers included!


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Mythos LRP Campaign Portal
The Mythos LRP Campaign Portal is the online gaming resource for our players in Derby/Notts. Feel free to browse and have a look around!
The Company of Crimson
LRP in Victorian England. The ongoing adventures of a stalwart group of tea drinking and cake quaffing paranormal investigators in the age of Queen Victoria. Previous rum doings, upcoming tiffin and a spiffing rogues gallery - plus UK-LRP and Victoriana Links galore.
The Bears Lair
The main website for the Bears Faction of Erdreja. Find info here on Caledonian history, who's who in the faction and links to a variety of Bears clan sites.
Demetae of the Dragon Faction
Demetae are an LT Group from the Dragon Factions. We are a Live Action Roleplay Group within the LT Game system with the main events being based in Derby, UK.
Star Wars Free Style RPG
Star Wars Free Style RPG is a site for Star Wars fans to come, sit back, relax, and role play. There's our Alternate Galaxy of course and also a place where players can come, discuss storylines and meet other cool Star Wars RP nerds such as yourself!

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