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An RPG WebRing - All types of RPGs welcomed here. Mythical to Medieval to Pokemon to Creation to DnD and MORE!!! Join Today!

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An RPG WebRing

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Manager: svava_bloodtide
All types of RPGs welcomed here. Mythical to Medieval to Pokemon to Creation to DnD and MORE!!! Join Today!

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   L.A.R.P. Based on the Lifewave Universe Novels Preview Go
Wasington Press Conference, a L.A.R.P by Cheryl Ann Costa and Linda Poore, based on the Lifewave Universe Novels by Jacqueline Lichtenberg published by Berkeley Science Fiction and Wildside Press.
   Pointless Mental Cruelty Preview Go
Pointless Mental Cruelty are a group of writers who collaborate to write and run events, freeforms (live-action roleplaying games), and roleplaying games at conventions across Australia. Along the way, between the debates, the food and the gaming, we have a hell of a lot of fun! Email: pmc@pointlessmentalcruelty.com
   St. John's Academy RPG Preview Go
Welcome to St.Johns High School. Were the richest of the rich come to get the best education money can buy. Meet Miyu Thomas. Pretty, smart, and so not rich. In fact Miyu came here on a scholorship. But when the ruthless Heatherettes threaten to destroy her happiness, Miyu will stop at nothing to bring them down and show the school what the Heatherettes are really like. But when Miyu finds out about some dirty little secrets the Heatherettes share, will Miyu use it against them, or will she bond with them? Who knows.

   The Harry Potter RPG - Home Preview Go
A Harry Potter RPG that is set to encompass all of the books in the series. Come and join Harry in his many adventures through the magical school. All canon positions are available.
   Nightshade Academy of Dark Magic Preview Go
A Harry Potter type RPG. Roleplayers of all experience levels are welcome. A mentoring program is available for the less experienced players who would like to join the game but aren't sure as to what to do.
   Return Of Luke Preview Go
Star Wars fans now you can RP as any character from any Episode.. Join and have fun
   Deadstone - Home Preview Go
A play by turn rpg messageboard.It is like the Wild West meeting Sc fi.
   The Avatar RP Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Set in the world of the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon. Come and play a bender, warrior, or anything your hearts desire! Canon characters available! Looking for ACTIVE members who like RPGing! Prior knowledge of Avatar is a must! This is an Intermediate - Advanced RPG site! Come and join us!
   Escapist's Realm - Home Preview Go
The Escapist's Realm is a forum roleplaying community for any fanbase or genre of advanced story-style roleplay. Opportunity for character profiles, journals, stories, and to share and view other creative works among peers. Come for the roleplay, stay for the friends!
   Tigerlily Town Preview Go
A RPG of a place called Tigerlily Town.

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