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Klingon Line Registry - A webring dedicated to promoting awareness of the websites of the many Klingon family lines and houses on the Net. All m

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Klingon Line Registry

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Manager: sajqa
A webring dedicated to promoting awareness of the websites of the many Klingon family lines and houses on the Net. All member sites must contain background, historical and related material pertaining to a specific Klingon house or line, and/or represents a Klingon ship with a large number of members from a specific house. Why not add your house listing; you could be opening the doors to potential new members! Offered in association with the official Klingon Line Registry website.

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   SajQa's Space Port Preview Go
Klingon Line Families website with House and personal emblems and heraldry
   House of Ha'voQ Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the members of Ha'voQ tuq. Ha'voQ tuq is a minor open house of the Klingon Empire, currently accepting applications for membership.
   House Kasara Preview Go
A well-respected family line in the Klingon Empire; best known for it's schools of Military Arts & Diplomacy as well as it's large Merchant Marine Fleet. A primarily matriarchal line, House Kasara is an open family line that is currently accepting applications for new members.

   House Vam'Pyr Preview Go
The VamPyr's belong to a small religious and mysterious Klingon Family line called "The Family of Blood". The VamPyr's come from a small obscure Klingon colony world located on the opposite side of the Klingon Empire from Federation Space. After defeating an enemy in battle this family line has a ritual of drinking the blood of the vanquished in order to gain their life energy.
   House of Corval Preview Go
The story of my Klingon ancestry, my house line and how it came to be.
   House of Jakvi - Outpost D'Kul Preview Go
A Klingon PBEM site maintained by House Jakvi, with a small Federation squadron. Outpost D'Kul is the first line of defense for the Klingon Empire. Located at the borders of the Empire, Federation and Gorn Space. With the fall of the Tholian Empire, the Gorn anexed all unclaimed space between the Klingon Empire and the old Tholian Empire, and planetary raids began shortly thereafter... Join us in defending the Empire.
   House Tasighor Preview Go
Line Tasighor (taSIghor tuq) is a modest house with its foundations in the earliest days of colonial expansion. In those times, the family excelled in positions as overlords, enforcers and disciplinarians on newly acquired worlds, finding glory in tasks that other warriors overlooked. The line's motto: choSuvchugh 'oy'lIj Daghur neH, "Struggling only makes it hurt more."
   House KorVok Preview Go
House KorVok (Central Texas Wargames Club) is a group of warriors dedicated to perfecting our skills in ship to ship, ground and personal combat. All aspects of Klingon culture and war gaming rules are welcome. We use Full Thrust, Stargrunt II and many more...
   House bir JablU Preview Go
The website of the honourable House bir JablU. An ancient Klingon house of Imperial Assassins.

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