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The Interactive Story Web Ring - This collection of websites provides ongoing-interactive stories. The stories are added to via e-mail or enter

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The Interactive Story Web Ring

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This collection of websites provides ongoing-interactive stories. The stories are "added to" via e-mail or entered into a forum-type interface. Multiple authors contribute to the ongoing stories.


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   Fantasybits Preview Go
This site is a place for writers of fantasy fiction to gather, find inspiration, and critique each other. New writing topics are posted every several days. There are also social boards and an arcade to hang out and relax. Everyone is welcome. :)
   Extend-A-Story Preview Go
Extend-A-Story is an extendable choose-your-own-adventure story. You choose which path to take, and can extend the story. Similiar to www.addventure.com.
   Joshua-wopr.com -- The Intrepid Group story site Preview Go
A collection of old sci-fi and fantasy round-robin stories, plus a WebBBS to write new ones! The stories were originally from a set of dial-up BBSs in Jacksonville, Florida, where the users wrote themselves into the stories. Some of them got fairly complex.

   Dimensions Preview Go
An interactive science fiction writing web site.
   A Tale.... Preview Go
A Tale.... is an ongoing story of witchcraft, lies and deceit, all with a love story running under the surface. Travel through time to Medieval ages past and sort out a mystery and find the true source of magic.
   Frustrated Writers Online Preview Go
We have 2 Writers Workshops (one includes adult content) we have many areas covering writers tips,short story,new age,non-fiction,poetry and many ongoing Interactive Stories within both clubs and honesty corner, where members can submit work to find out what others really think!
   Tekno Interactive Stories Preview Go
An interactive fiction site for those craving to read and write about futurism.
   Animixx Preview Go
My site is a mixture of many things: Art Gallery, Library, Message Board, Feedback Section, etc... Please check it out! ^^
   Catprog's Interactive Story Site Preview Go
An transformation interactive story
   CyberYarn--The Interactive Story Preview Go
Follow the threads in this interactive tale and add on to them when the thread runs dry. Help Iggy, the Detective Iguana, solve his mystery, find out more about the Mad E-mailer, and help Keira save the Earth. You'll never know what you'll find here!

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