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The Wise Women Webring - Wise Women Web webring aims to connect women so that other women can learn from their life experiences. Sites with sexua

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The Wise Women Webring

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Manager: lilith_rings
Wise Women Web webring aims to connect women so that other women can learn from their life experiences. Sites with sexual activities will not be accepted.

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   Divine Secrets Preview Go
We all take pictures in our minds. Of things we see, of moments we never want to forget. If we're lucky, at the end of our lives, these pictures will have created an album of a life full of fulfilled dreams. This is my bumpy road towards it.
   Spiritual Majic Preview Go
Spiritual information and fun to share.
   The Intuitive Woman Preview Go
Often I have random thoughts (read: opinions) about the daily happenings in the world around me, and this is my outlet to speak my mind. I believe myself to be an open-minded, rationale person, but, as most humans, I tend to think from one single perspective: my own.

   butterfly Preview Go
here you will enjoy everyday commentary frrom a concious woman's point of view. also a good dose of poetry. also you will be engaged in diferent points of view and alot of questions will be asked to get your point of view and to ignite conversation.
   Sovereigns Preview Go
Site is dedicated to women both real and imagined who have influence over stretches of time back to the "Beginning." Moving from entities who have no recollection of birth to present day, we will move through time as we always have...determined, confident, creating and calling the names that 'She' has announced before time began.
   Rape Crisis Information Pathfinder Preview Go
The Rape Crisis Information Pathfinder is a website created to help rape and sexual assault survivors heal and learn. It contains information on rape crisis research, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders and message board support group directories.
   No more 'scarlet A' Preview Go
"The aim of this page is to share the knowledge about the fact a woman shouldn't be expected to always have a unique partner over a given period of time, and possibly liberate her from considering this to be wrong whatever the circumstance."
   Beginning Over Again Preview Go
My story of my attempt to start fresh and the struggles of letting go
   Face Down--An Adventure of R. Sarah Stein, Superhero Preview Go
Here's a fat chick who REALLY kicks ass! Read in amazement as Sarah swears, outthinks, and outmaneuvers her way past those who would make her over in their stereotypical image!
   Artistic Assistance for Girls Requesting Opportunities Preview Go
for young womyn artists needing financial assistance in being seen/heard

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