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Peace on Earth - Sites adding their idea, viewpoint, insight, opinion, perspective, counsel, experience, advise, self-help, and or self d

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Peace on Earth

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Manager: opossumsal1

Sites adding their idea, viewpoint, insight,
opinion, perspective, counsel, experience,
advise, self-help, and or self discovery to
the discussion on How to Achieve Peace
and or nonviolence ...

Peace for, amidst, and in spite of diversity.
Peace regardless of gender, race, or creed.
Peace in the marriage, home, community, workplace.
Peace for church members, doctrine, science, religion.
Peace in spite of government, leadership, and politics.
Glean from us and find inner peace amidst your world.



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   Jesus, My Joy Preview Go
Devotions, prayer, life, testimony.
   Eco Living Center Preview Go
Cultural creatives community with an emphasis on working towards making our daily lives more environmentally friendly. Topics include green building, green business, the environement, health, recycling, etc.
   Before the Geneva Summit Preview Go
My first peace initiatives of the 80's.

   Laurenz Bobke - homepage Preview Go
Dedicated to the beauty of the various cultures of the world; many photo galleries, culturally oriented webrings, and online discussion forums.
   A Call for Restored Earth Theology Preview Go
A progressive Christain belief that combines the concept of God's Kingdom coming on this earth with taking care of our earth, kindness to animals, peace, and women's equality.
   Getting By in an Age Gone Mad Preview Go
An informative site centering on preparedness and simple living in this materialistic world.
   My Spiritual Pages, Art, Clubs, and Webrings Preview Go
My spiritual pages of Sant Mat meditation, art, clubs, and webrings.
   Amsoil Environment Preview Go
Earth-friendly ecological motor oil and lubricants. Amsoil 100% synthetic oil for cars and any mechanical application helps the environment in several ways. I'm an Amsoil dealer on an ecological mission.
   Global Leadership Preview Go
If you desire a more peaceful society, refuse to go along with destructive governments, like to guide humanity with the heart and not with the gun, then please join Global Leadership because you must be one of those more intelligent humans who can't be controlled by primitive rulers any longer.
   The Beauty of Motherhood Preview Go
A pro-life website with writings, information, photos, quotes, and more; on the joy of being a mother. Includes pregancy information, pro-life information, and the story of my daughter's birth. Created by a young stay-at-home mom.

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