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Hydroponic Gardening - Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in nutrient solutions and/or inert media such as hydrocorn, perlite, sand, or

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Hydroponic Gardening

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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in nutrient solutions and/or inert media such as hydrocorn, perlite, sand, or other inert media rather than traditional potting mixes or soil. The technique used may include Aeroponics, Ebb and Flow, Flood and Drain Subirrigation, Top Irrigation, Deep Water Culture, or Passive Hydroponics. Websites in this Wide World of Hydroponic Gardening ring discuss the various hydroponic techniques, type plants most suited to hydroponics, pros and cons of the various growing medias, hydroponic fertilizers, pros and cons of the various lighting systems available to provide light for indoor hydroponic growing, and sources for necessary supplies. If you are considering this gardening technique, begin your research by surfing this webring.


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This site has been developed for those individuals who want to grow hydroponic vegetables as a hobby and learn how to build their own systems at reasonable costs.
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This information site covers all aspects of Hydroponics Gardening. Catering for all ability and knowledge levels from the newbie up to the expert, we aim to provide free and friendly advice. Our experienced horticulturalists are always on hand to answer your questions about all things hydroponic. A free newsletter is available to all subscribers.

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I have free hydroponic system plans and would love to help anybody out . Just visit my site!
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Welcome! YOU CAN GROW - nurture yourself as you nurture your garden, renewing your connection with the earth and her beauty, reducing stress on the world's finite resources, strengthening your community as a whole in the process..... we can pool our enthusiasm, our resources, our knowledge, and, together, we can grow.
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Hydroponics for the Home Gardener, Hydroponic Basics, Hydroponics systems, Gardening, Supplies and more, Homemade Hydroponics System and information, Garden Hydroponics Kit.

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