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Scuba Diving - The promote scuba webring is a webring for people with websites concerning or associated with scuba diving.

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Scuba Diving

Manager: caribbeanhigh
The promote scuba webring is a webring for people with websites concerning or associated with scuba diving.


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Oak Park - 09/16/2012

I went out to Oak Park, south of Cronulla this weekend. It is my favorite dive site in Sydney and there is always something interesting happening out here. My buddy was Tim and he helped my make my latest short Epic: Tim & The Titans of Oak Park I seem to be getting good on my air consumption as the first dive was 1 hour 6 minutes and I still surfaced with 105 bar in the tank. I probably could have stayed down another 25 minutes or so. I was using the 10 litre tanks and I usually only dive with the 7 litre tanks, but as this was a social dive I took the bigger tank. The visibility closed down a bit on the second dive as it was low tide. The first dive visibility was about 5-6M and the second dive down to 3-4M. I do like Oak Park and would recommend it to anyone who has never dived there or anyone who is looking for a good shallow dive site on Sydney's doorstep. Max depth 10M. 351

Oak Park

Replied - 10/21/2012
Oak Park put on its usual magnificence and I had the pleasure to dive with 2 different buddies here. How good is this place? I am proud to say that this is where I live- pretty special :) First dive was with a seasoned diver "Richard": We spent almost 60 minutes went out to the cave and saw a few blue groupers, cuttlefish and a bull Ray. The second dive was with "Rob", who had had a disappointing first dive with a buddy that lasted 20 minutes on a 10L tank. We went out to the cave and a bit beyond. We saw a few Crested Horn Sharks out beyond the cave and the same blue groupers and cuttlefish as on the first dive. Just over the hour for the second dive (61 mins). I was on a 8L tank and still had 80 bar left when we surfaced. I do enjoy social dives and seem to have much better air consumption when I am not concerned for anyone else. Also I think when I am looking after other people I never really get the chance to see how long my air wil...

Oak Park

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