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Members sites make up a Variety of Chess-Websites for the Chess Enthusiasts./p pMembers sites include news, tournament information, publications, club listings, online store, ratings, top players, club rules and in-depth strategy guides to become a better online chess player. Even if you've never played chess before!/p

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ALL Opening Rules - 09/19/2013

When you play against a strong opponent, an opening preparation exerts strong influence on the final result . That’s why top players use 90-95% of their training time on an opening preparation. Though I don’t recommend you to do the same, it is still very important topic. In modern chess it is definitely one of the main factors of your practical success. The Remote Chess Academy is preparing a new course for the opening. All the opening rules that you should know are listed below: Opening play Develop pieces toward the center. Fight for the control over the central squares. Develop minor pieces before heavy pieces. Develop knights before bishops. Move your central pawns. Avoid pawn moves on the flanks if it doesn’t help an overall development of your pieces. Castle as soon as you can. Centralized king hampers development of other pieces and can be attacked by opponent. You must finalize your development before starting any other plans. Don’t be too greedy for material. Don’t start a premature attack. After you have finalized your development, start an attack. Opening preparation Opening preparation is very important. Strong preparation can help you beat a weaker opponent, and it will force a stronger opponent to struggle for a draw. Sometimes, you can win a game just because of your excellent opening preparation. You need to learn the main strategic ideas/plans of an opening. Then, it’ll be much easier for you to understand specific variations. Each opening has s...

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