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Members sites make up a Variety of Chess-Websites for the Chess Enthusiasts./p pMembers sites include news, tournament information, publications, club listings, online store, ratings, top players, club rules and in-depth strategy guides to become a better online chess player. Even if you've never played chess before!/p

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What is Your Plan? (Part-3) - 08/26/2013

In a few previous lessons we’ve been talking about a PLAN for your chess progress. Having such a plan ensures your step-by-step advancement.  Random study, on the other hand, is rather a numbers game, where you can only hope for luck. Before we move forward, you may like to recollect the previous parts of this lesson quickly:  PART-1 ;  PART-2 Now we come to the most intriguing moment. You are about to create a  PLAN that will bring you a serious chess progress in 2013 . There will be 3 steps here. STEP-1 : Set up your chess GOAL for 2013. Even if you are not a professional player, and don’t take part in official tournaments – you should still have a GOAL. It is this goal that motivates you. It helps you to check if you are on the right track or not and allows you to evaluate your progress towards this goal. Having a goal also  challenges  you and makes it more exciting. How do you set up a proper goal?  It should be realistic, but ambitious . For example: -         Get +100 FIDE rating, or +300 Internet rating (on any game zone). -         Calculate how much you raised your rating in 2012. Set a goal to DOUBLE this increase in 2013. (e.g. if you got +50 rating in 2012, you should get +100 rating in 2013). -         Get your next title: FM/IM/GM Now, set up YOUR chess goal for 2013, and write it down. STEP-2 : Define...

What is Your Plan? (Part-3)

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