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Chess. The WebRing - Members sites make up a Variety of Chess-Websites for the Chess Enthusiasts.   Members sites include news, tourname

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Members sites make up a Variety of Chess-Websites for the Chess Enthusiasts./p pMembers sites include news, tournament information, publications, club listings, online store, ratings, top players, club rules and in-depth strategy guides to become a better online chess player. Even if you've never played chess before!/p

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Intermediate package Steady Growth (HOLIDAY SALE) - 12/23/2012

Product Description:      Don’t underestimate its value! Even a very small 1% improvement a day, will bring you awesome 365% improvement in a year!       Here you need to pass “the chess school” and get a comprehensive knowledge about chess. You can’t move forward without it.       Studying this intermediate package will keep you on the right track and will ensure your steady growth. What’s included:       Your Winning Plan ($69)       An Endgame Expert ($98)       Self-taught Grandmaster ($129) Usual total price: $296 Discounted price: $243 ($53 discount) there’s a stage in your chess progress when you can’t leap forward anymore, instead you should be persistent and have a steady growth ( click on the picture below to buy )

Intermediate package Steady Growth (HOLIDAY SALE)

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