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Chess. The WebRing - Members sites make up a Variety of Chess-Websites for the Chess Enthusiasts.   Members sites include news, tourname

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Members sites make up a Variety of Chess-Websites for the Chess Enthusiasts./p pMembers sites include news, tournament information, publications, club listings, online store, ratings, top players, club rules and in-depth strategy guides to become a better online chess player. Even if you've never played chess before!/p

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Beginner Package Quick Jump (HOLIDAY SALE) - 12/23/2012

Product Description:      This package will give you a solid foundation for the future quick progress. Chess will become a much easier game for you to understand.      You will rush through the beginner level quickly, and will beat all your current opponents easily. Please, don’t be deceived by the words "beginner package". Many of modern titled players don’t have this fundamental knowledge. And that’s why they stuck in their progress.      Any advanced materials will NOT help you without a firm base. Having a deep understanding, however, will ensure your Quick Spurt! What’s included:       The Grandmaster’s Secrets ($57)       The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding ($139)       The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory ($53) Usual total price: $249 Discounted price: $199 ($50 discount) the Quick Jump package for beginners is guarant...

Beginner Package Quick Jump (HOLIDAY SALE)

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