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Architecture Ring - This is a web ring for those interested in Architecture. If you are a student looking for ideas, a design professional w

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Architecture Ring

Manager: okieshadow
This is a web ring for those interested in Architecture. If you are a student looking for ideas, a design professional wishing to show the world your stuff, a CADD user looking for help, or a client searching for an Architecture Firm to build your dream project, this is the train to get on!! All-A-Board!

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Welcome To The Forum
3DAllusions Site
  Hellow everyone, just wanted to say hi and invite you to check out my site

3Dallusions presents the “Architectural Wonder' Contest
  3Dallusions is proud to team up with Marlin Studios to present the “Archite

Organic architecture
  Organic architecture seeks a superior sense of use and a finer sense of com
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What I Didn't See bdag 08/19/2013 (1 posts)
Normally we get to draw our plans on paper and then ship them off to a buil   more
And Here's the First Pitch! bdag 08/07/2013 (1 posts)
Roof pitches are expressed in several ways depending on where you are build   more
Garage to ADU Conversion Problems bdag 06/18/2013 (1 posts)   more
Accessing Your Nether Regions bdag 05/28/2013 (1 posts)
If you build on a crawl space type of foundation then you're going to b   more
From Paper to Sticks bdag 05/14/2013 (1 posts)
We were recently invited to an open house for a custom design we did.    more
Gained Some Girth, Have You? bdag 04/30/2013 (1 posts)
Of all of our plans there are a few that stand out as stellar.  Maybe   more
ADU, Do You? bdag 04/16/2013 (1 posts)
Here at Istockhouseplans we have been pleased to be consulted for several l   more
Hi, my name is Adus and I'm a blogger bdag 11/21/2012 (1 posts)
Hi Adus.  If you've been following our blog for any length of time   more
Tiny House, Big Problem bdag 07/20/2012 (1 posts)
A bit late on posting this, but we backdated it so it looks good. A homeles   more
Getting Sketchy bdag 07/20/2012 (1 posts)   more
Lagging Behind bdag 06/07/2012 (1 posts)
We at Istockhouseplans want to heartily apologize for not posting our usual   more
Past Premonitional Post bdag 10/09/2012 (1 posts)
If you've been around this blog for a while or read through our archive   more
Energy Star bdag 09/25/2012 (1 posts)
Another month of silence.  Hmm... too much work? There are a few new s   more
Space Saving Ideas bdag 08/23/2012 (1 posts)   more
Mechanical and plumbing engineering fruchtman 10/21/2009 (1 posts) Engineering firm spec   more
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